About this portal

This is the Essex Active Travel Design Portal, which provides guidance to all who are involved in designing active travel schemes in Essex. The aim is to provide consistent guidance in line with Essex County Council’s ambitions, set out below.

Our vision is to create safer, greener, healthier travel for current and future users of the transport network in Essex.

Our ambition is to:

Create a road environment that is SAFER, encouraging more residents to cycle or walk, especially for shorter journeys.

Work up sustainable transport solutions to ensure that Essex reduces carbon emissions and delivers long-term GREENER benefits.

Deliver long-term public health benefits so that our residents become HEALTHIER.

We are doing this by introducing, supporting and funding various projects across Essex which will encourage and make it easier for people to walk, partake in active travel more, especially for shorter journeys. This includes the introduction of new walking and cycle routes.

Essex County Council are committed to ensuring that the active travel infrastructure they build looks attractive, serves its purpose and encourage people to cycle, walk and wheel.

The previous cycling design guidance for Essex, ‘Designing for Cyclists – A Good Practice Guide’ was last updated in 2006 and is now outdated. As there are various active travel guidance documents around the UK there is a need to ensure a consistent approach to active travel design across Essex.

To ensure that this infrastructure is being designed to the highest standard the Essex Active Travel Design Portal has been created to direct you to the best guidance available on a variety of active travel topics. The guidance will be regularly updated and developed as new best practice emerges and direct you to the specific guidance that Essex County Council recommends when designing new active travel schemes. Each page will also present where available technical notes, lessons learnt, links to good practice design and showcase examples of best practice in Essex or nationally.