Strategy behind the Standard

This guidance is to ensure that there is a consistent standard of width across all cycle schemes in Essex.

In all cases, we should be aiming for cycle lanes to be designed at preferred widths. If the absolute minimum width is proposed for any lengths over 25m then the departures process will need to be followed.

Best Practice Guidance to be used by Essex Highways.

For best practice guidance on cycle lane widths, please see the LTN 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design, chapter 7.2.

ECC Recommendations

The following Cycle Lane Width requirements should be adhered to. If the cycle lane is bounded on one/ both sides, please refer to the separate ‘allowances for edge constraints’ guidance page.

Cycle Route TypeDirectionPeak Hour Cycle Flow (either 1-way or 2-way depending on route type)Desirable Minimum Width (m)Absolute Minimum at constraints (m)
Protected Space for Cycling (including light segregation, stepped cycle track, kerbed cycle track) 1 way<2002.01.5
2 way <3003.02.0
Cycle Lane1 wayAll – cyclists able to use carriageway to overtake2.0 1.5

For contraflows, please see the contraflows page.