Cycle Design for New Developments

Strategy behind the Standard

When advising developers who are designing a new cycleway, developers should be provided with the Development Construction Manual (2020) which provides a set of design standards for their work.

Adherence to this manual aims to ensure that residential estate roads, industrial estate roads and associated works which are designed in accordance with Essex County Council’s documents, guidelines and drawings will be acceptable to the Highway Authority for adoption.

ECC Recommendations

Best practice will be to follow the guidance as seen in the development construction manual (linked above), and in this design portal.

How the Standard should be applied

The standards as presented in the development construction manual, the Essex design guide and Essex cycling design portal should be applied in all circumstances where possible.

If there are any departures from design portal guidance, it will be worth seeing if it will be seen as acceptable by following the departures process, as seen on the Departures from Design Portal Guidance page.