What infrastructure should I recommend?

Strategy behind the Standard

The table below illustrates how traffic volume and speed may influence the decision on the need to segregate cyclists from other traffic, and demonstrates how restraint of traffic speeds and volumes may be used to create satisfactory conditions to encourage new and novice cyclists to use the carriageway.

Best Practice Guidance to be used by Essex Highways.

LTN 1/20 Fig. 4.1 Appropriate Protection from Motor Traffic on Highways

More detailed guidance on the recommended types of cycling infrastructure for different environments is provided in the LTN 1/20: Chapter 6.

In Essex, it is recommended that provision that is not suitable for all people (in yellow above) is exclusionary, and so with the principle of inclusive design, it is recommended that provision should only be recommended if suitable for most people (in green) as indicated in the table above.

How the Standard should be applied

The table above should be applied as soon as possible in scheme development.