How to use this portal

There are four sections to the portal:

  • Design Criteria – provides specific best practice guidance for designers of Active Travel schemes in Essex.
  • General Principles – provides the general Active Travel Design principles to be applied when designing Active Travel schemes in Essex.
  • Terminology – provides the standard use of language to be adopted.
  • Legal Framework – provides the legal framework governing Active Travel Design in Essex.

Each Design Criteria page will direct you to the best guidance available on a required topic as set out below:

Context – the standard will be explained; what it is and why it is needed.

Best Practice Guidance to be used by ECC – links to the primary guidance that should be used for Essex Highways schemes will be provided. Where possible these links will directly go to the relevant page within the guidance for each topic.

ECC Recommendations – if there are any specific recommendations and/or preferences for schemes by ECC that differ from the guidance.

How the standard should be applied – More technical details about the standard and what is needed.

Best Practice Examples – Local or national examples of best practice.

There is a sidebar on each page for quick links to the guidance and any technical notes or drawings that may be applicable.

All best practice design guidance can be accessed via the Design Criteria drop down at the top of the page. Alternatively, the search bar on the home screen can be used to search for specific topics using key words or phrases.

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